The JEF Federation

The Federation of European Federalist Youth (JEF, in its French acronym) is a political organization whose aim is to promote the participation and commitment of European youth in the construction of a a more united and democratic Europe. Our vision is one of a federal Europe where decisions are made collectively and democratically, respecting the cultural and linguistic diversity of all its peoples.

JEF is a non-governmental organization based in Brussels, Belgium, with national sections in different European countries, including Spain. Likewise, each country has regional sections, such as JEF Galicia. Together, our action consists of organizing activities and campaigns that promote debate and reflection on topics of European interest, as well as the training of new leaders committed to building a more united Europe.

In the case of JEF Galicia, our work focuses on promoting the participation of Galician youth in building a more united and democratic Europe through the organization of activities and awareness-raising and training campaigns. In addition, JEF Galicia also collaborates with other Galician organizations and institutions to promote citizen participation and political engagement among Galician youth.