What we do

Congreso do EU Year Of Youth


Our association organizes events and activities for our members and the general public. These activities can be of all kinds, from networking events and group activities to trips and visits to institutions and European events.

Persoas mozas falando nunha biblioteca


Our association also carries out initiatives to promote the participation of young people in European politics. These initiatives range from awareness campaigns to volunteer activities.

Muller falando nun congreso en Italia


JEF Galicia also organizes congresses, conferences, and larger-scale events where topics of interest to European citizens are discussed. These congresses can be held in person or online.

Moza xove dando a man a unha política


Our association also carries out longer-term projects, which can range from one week to several months. For example,Banco por Europais a project that involves painting benches with the flag of the European Union to promote awareness of the European Union.